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The Common Way Money Is Wasted On a Scotsman Ice Machine

Now you know that the water freezes on the Scotsman ice machine evaporator plate. The minerals in the water stick to the evaporator plate. So how do the minerals get out of the water?

Pure water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water has minerals or other impurities in it, it will freeze at a lower temperature.

The pure water freezes on the evaporator. The impure water just gets cold and flows off the evaporator. As the ice batch is formed the concentrations of impurities in the water increases.

At the end of the ice making cycle this mineral laden water is pumped out of the machine. Fresh water is brought in for each new batch of ice. This is called the purge/ fill cycle.

Since the impurities are not freezing, they have a chance to attach to the evaporator plate. The mineral content isnít a problem for the ice; it is a problem for the machine.

Look at the ice from your machine. See how clear it is? Now look at a cube made in an ice tray. See the cloudy spot in the middle? That is the impurities in the water.

In the ice tray the impurities were forced to the middle, as the pure water froze first. In your Scotsman ice machine the impurities run off as the pure water freezes.

Fill a glass with nothing but ice. Let it melt. How does it taste? If it tastes bad, you need a water filter. Water filters are seldom really needed though.

So why do so many Scotsman ice machines have filters on them?

Maybe, they are there because the well-meaning owners want better quality ice. Maybe because someone convinced the owner it was really needed.

I have seen very few situations where filters are really needed. They are nice to have but the cost far outweighs the benefits. It is usually better to just clean the machine regularly.

You have committed to keeping your machine clean havenít you?

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Selling You These For Your Scotsman Ice Machine Is a Profit Center For Service Companies

Water filters are a high profit item. The company gets to sell and install housing. They get to sell you filters at scheduled intervals. They really hit the jackpot if they get to install them.

Filters are needed only in extreme cases. Make sure you really need them before spending all that money.

If you have them you may be able to simply remove the cartridge and leave the housing in place. The water will just flow through. Some types of systems will need to be actually removed or bypassed. Make sure you donít need it before removing anything.

Water filters are expensive and on top of that they are changed too often. Filters are usually changed after a certain amount of time. The filter may have another year of life in it. I donít recommend this arbitrary method for your Scotsman ice machine.

Some more expensive water filters have water pressure gauges on them. They are recommended to be changed at a certain pressure drop across them. Thatís a better way. But keep in mind that recommendation comes from someone that makes water filters.

I think they should be changed when they do not provide enough water for the ice machine. Most ice machines automatically compensate for low water pressure. They can run at full production very little flow.

When the water pressure drops too much, the machine will shut itself down as a safety precaution. You will learn more about ice machine electronics and safeties in Lesson 6.

Machines without safeties will have greatly diminished production. Note the time it took this to happen and you know when to change the filters.

You will save a lot of money this way.

In the next lesson you will learn about how to increase the amount of ice your Scotsman ice machine makes. You will also learn about the end and beginning of the ice making cycle.

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