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Iceomatic Ice Machines Are the Best For Do It Yourself-ers

Iceomatic ice machines (IOMs) and all others started as simple electromechanical devices that evolved into electronically controlled machines. Most restaurant ice machines stayed on this path of evolution and hit a lot of problems before getting it all figured out.

IOM Commercial Ice Machine gave up on electronic control and went back to something similar to itís original control design. The wiring diagram is a little harder to figure out than other ice machines but the good news is that you do not need to be able to read it at all. The old school approach to controls makes the machines simpler and dependable.

The circuits are designed in a way that each type of electrical failure causes two different symptoms. This is opposed to two types of failures causing the same symptoms which are common on other brands of machines.

This means that a restaurant ice machine owner can diagnose an electrical failure without even having an electrical meter. This makes troubleshooting charts in service literature very useful.

But before you get started, remember that most ice machine problems are caused simply by the machine being dirty. Check out this info about cleaning ice machines before assuming you have a real problem and end up wasting time and/ or money. One great feature with the newer machines is that the evaporators contain silver and stay cleaner.

The easiest way to diagnose an Iceomatic ice machine failure yourself is to call the free factory tech support hot line. The number should be on your machine. Most hotlines stay busy so you may have to wait for a call back. The factory tech will ask you a series of questions that will quickly pinpoint your problem. They do this all day and are good at it.

Armed with the knowledge of what the problem is, you will be in a position to save some money. Most electrical repairs are simple and you can discuss doing it yourself with the tech and he can tell you how to get the part and install it.

If the repair is more complicated (like the cam assembly) or you just donít want to try it, the factory tech will refer you to a local service company with much experience on iceomatic ice machines. Be sure to check with the tech to make sure they have the part on hand so you will not have to pay for the time to go get it.

If you plan on getting the part yourself, run this past the service company. Some companies limit warranties if the customer provides the parts. This is because providing warranty service is expensive and they would not be making money on the part.

If the iceomatic ice machine is under warranty and that warranty covers the repair, of course let the service company provide the part.

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