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You Can Do The Most Common Manitowoc Ice Machine Repair

Most Manitowoc ice machine repair service calls are not actually a repair. It is a simple procedure that is easy to do and only cost a dollar or in supplies.

These machines have a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Cleaning is not covered by the warranty. It is considered the owners responsibility.

This is part 2 of this topic. If you are not familiar with ice machine cleaning and sanitizing, you may find the first part useful. CLICK HERE

The Manitowoc ice machine is the most sensitive to scale build up. Fortunately it is the easiest to clean. It is so easy to clean; you can get an attachment so that it will clean itself at scheduled intervals.

You Must Use The Right Cleaner

The most important thing is that you must use nickel safe ice machine cleaner. There are a couple brands that claim to meet Manitowoc standards. The published standards are very out dated. I recommend using only the Manitowor brand cleaner. It cost a little more, but it is strong enough to get the job done; yet it doesnít hurt the evaporator.

If you use a cleaner that is too strong, it will strip the nickel off the evaporator. It will leave the copper and the evaporator will look like a penny. You are usually better off buying a new ice machine than replacing the evaporator.

The cleaner is food safe, so the ice does not have to be taken out of the bin. If it gets on the ice, rinse the ice with cold water. It will make the ice taste salty.

Read the warnings on the bottle. If it gets in cuts, it burns. If it gets in your eyes, it really burns. Be careful.

Cleaning Procedure

The procedure for cleaning the ice machine is very simple. Push the red button to clean and let the water drain out. Then add the cleaner. If you add the cleaner first you will watch it go down the drain.

Then take a break. It will be done in about 30 minutes. Thatís the basic cleaning procedure. You should exactly follow the manufacturers directions.

Cleaning instructions should be on the back of the front cover. They are also in the owners manual that came with the machine. If you canít find either give the factory a call.

Manitowoc Ice Machine
Phone 920-682-0161
Fax 920-683-7585

They can tell you where to get a replacement owners manual and where to buy cleaner in your area. Technical support can also answer your questions about cleaning your Manitowoc ice machine.

If you are unsure about cleaning your ice machine by yourself, there is a simple solution. Call a service company to clean it. Tell the tech that you would like to learn to clean it and lunch is on you afterwards. Then you will have a motivated personal tutor.

Learning to clean your Manitowoc ice machine is one of the highest profit ways you can spend your time.

Manitowoc Ice Machine is a Trade Mark of Manitowoc Ice Inc.

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